What is Smart Logistics and Freight Forwarding?

New trends and technological developments are constantly emerging in the logistics world. Two of these trends are the so-called “Smart Logistics” and “Freight Forwarding”. Here is more information about what each of them is and how they are bringing about change in the field of logistics:

Smart Logistics:

Smart Logistics is a concept created by applying advanced technologies and data analytics to logistics processes. This approach aims to manage logistics operations in a more efficient, flexible and sustainable way. Smart Logistics provides the ability to collect, analyze and optimize data throughout the logistics chain.

Smart Logistics involves a range of technological applications:

  • ● Internet of Things (IoT): By connecting goods and transportation vehicles to the internet, real-time monitoring and data collection becomes possible. This enables monitoring the location, temperature, humidity, speed and other important parameters of loads.
  • ● Big Data and Analytics: Big data obtained from logistics processes is analyzed with analytical methods and valuable information is obtained. This data improves decision-making processes in areas such as optimization of transport routes, inventory management and supply chain planning.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial intelligence plays an important role in smart logistics. AI improves and automates processes such as forecast analysis, demand forecasting, failure prevention and automatic route optimization.
  • ● Automation and Robotics: Automation and robotics applications in logistics centers minimize human errors while accelerating warehouse management and material handling processes.

Smart Logistics provides a range of benefits such as faster delivery times, reduced costs, better customer experience and environmental sustainability.

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding are logistics service providers that organize and regulate the movement of a cargo in global trade. These service providers organize and manage all stages from the receipt of the cargo from the shipper, its transportation, customs processes and delivery to the final recipient.

Freight Forwarders determine the most suitable transportation routes in accordance with the modes of transportation (land, sea, air, rail) and ensure that customers’ cargo is delivered safely and on time.

Freight Forwarding services may include:

  • ● International transportation planning and management
  • ● Arrange transportation insurance
  • ● Customs clearance and preparation of import/export documents
  • ● Tracking and informing the customer about the transportation process

Freight Forwarders play a critical role for supply chain management in global trade, facilitating and strengthening customers’ international trade processes.

In conclusion, Smart Logistics and Freight Forwarding are important developments in the logistics world. Smart Logistics refers to the integration of data analytics and advanced technologies into logistics processes, while Freight Forwarding refers to logistics service providers that organize and manage freight transportation in global trade. These two trends will transform future logistics operations by increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the logistics industry.

Why Work with a Freight Forwarder?

Engines of World Trade: Freight Forwarders are an indispensable element of global trade and make a major contribution to the world economy. These experts facilitate companies’ access to foreign markets by organizing the flow of goods and services in international trade. Transporting their customers’ goods around the world, Freight Forwarders ensure the efficient operation of the supply chain and act as a bridge between exporters and importers.

Efficient and Reliable Transportation: Freight Forwarders optimize transportation costs and ensure efficiency in transportation processes by professionally managing complex logistics processes. They provide fast and reliable transportation services through the proper use of different modes of transportation (land, sea, air and rail). At the same time, they organize their customers’ cargoes in accordance with customs procedures and inform them about customs regulations.

Worldwide Network and Relationships: Freight Forwarders have an extensive global network and build strong relationships with transport and customs operators in different countries. Thanks to this global network, they enable their customers to securely deliver their shipments around the world.

At the same time, they provide consultancy services to their clients with up-to-date information on local customs legislation and transportation regulations of the destination countries.

Risk Management and Problem Solving: In international transportation processes, it is possible to encounter risks and problems such as damaged or lost cargo, customs obstacles and transportation delays. Freight Forwarders have the ability to deal with such situations thanks to their experience. They minimize the disruptions that may occur in transportation processes by offering fast and effective solutions to their customers.

Contributing to the Growth of International Trade: Freight Forwarders’ efficient and reliable services have a positive impact on the growth of global trade. Export and import companies find the opportunity to expand their business by reaching new markets thanks to Freight Forwarders. At the same time, they contribute to the revitalization of the world economy by facilitating international trade.

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