Sea Freight Solutions

Whether you need a one-off shipment or a regular dispatch of your goods, we will find the right sea freight solution for you quickly and reliably - worldwide!

Sea Freight Is Our Passion

Our expertise in a global network, and close relationships with the world's leading shipping companies, combined with the continuous development of our digital tools, ensure the smooth transport of your shipments - from one source and across all oceans of the world.

We are always at your side to reduce your costs
in sea freight and for a reliable partner.

So What Is the Most Important Advantage of Sea Freight for You?

Of course, the biggest advantage of maritime transport in today's conjuncture is the cost advantage. Maritime transport provides a cost advantage over road, air, and rail transport due to the high volume transported at one time.

What Is the Most Important Disadvantage of Sea Freight?

Another disadvantage of sea freight is that the destinations served are limited to port areas, and the final transport costs are high unless you work with the right partner.

As KAI Logistics, we do not only provide port-to-port service and deliver your products to the final point with reasonable costs. We bring the seas to your door with our widespread supplier and agency network.