Air Freight Solutions

When time is of the essence, air freight solutions get your goods to their destination in a fast and secure way helping you meet market demands and customers' needs.

Competitive And Reliable Air Freight Solutions

Air freight forwarding is always a very complex and specialized procedure. Whether you are looking to export high-value products to international markets,
or import goods to satisfy your client’s requirements, we handle it all.

Air Freight Solutions

Air transportation is a mode of transport used for freight and passenger transport. It is preferred more because it is fast, safe, and flexible.

If we need to start with the history of air transportation, the first flight trials begin with the Wright Brothers making the first powered flight in the USA on December 17, 1903. Later, on January 1, 1914, the flight again to the USA, with a paid passenger, became the first scheduled flight in the world. Later, with the start of World War I, the development of commercial air transport continued at an accelerated pace. The speed advantage of aviation grew after 1950, especially with the emergence of jet voyages.

Airline Cargo Transportation covers the types of cargo carried for different purposes such as import and export cargo, all kinds of project transportation, consolidated cargo, transit cargo, and valuable and worthless document transportation. These cargo types can be grouped under two headings as general cargo and special cargo.

General Cargo

No special service or storage conditions are required; These are non-perishable, dry, and clean cargoes that do not have the status of dangerous goods.

Special Cargo

These are the cargoes that require special operations and procedures during the transportation and storage processes. In order for these cargoes to be transported, a special permit must be obtained separately from general cargoes. There are separate processes that need attention such as correct packaging, loading and labeling. Special cargo groups are as follows

-Dangerous Materials
-Perishable Materials
-Livestock Cargo
-Valuable Cargo
-Heavy Cargo
-Diplomatic Cargo
-Funeral Cargo

Today, Airline Cargo Transportation has many advantages. The most important of these advantages is that the transit time is very short and the cargo can be delivered quickly compared to other modes of transport. Another advantage is that it can offer flexible planning and solutions with different airlines and alternative routes. It is a safe mode of transport as long as it is properly packaged and stacked. Due to the fast processing of the procedures, customs, and transfers are carried out faster and easier.