Healthcare Logistics

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Seamless Healthcare Logistics Management

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Healthcare Logistics

The importance and recognizability of the place of health transportation in logistics has increased especially in recent years.

The Role of Logistics in Health Transportation

Health transport is among the sub-branches of logistics. It is an important issue that logistics management is carried out correctly and in a planned way in health transportation.

In health Transportation; We can handle the transportation of many medical products and services, such as drug transportation, hospital supplies, organ transportation. This transportation, which is very important for the continuity of a generation, takes place under the control of the Ministry of Health. It covers the entire logistics activity process such as production, packaging, storage and distribution under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Health. In this transportation, which needs to be very sensitive, the whole process should be carried out meticulously and in accordance with the rules of the regulation.

There are 4 factors that are important in health transportation. Speed, importance, right material and right place In this transportation, the importance of the material and the delivery time actually determine the whole process. It should be stored in an environment suitable for the protection and non-deterioration of the materials by providing the necessary temperature control.

Storage should be integrated with technology. Another important factor after the storage conditions of the material is the temperature conditions and cleanliness of the area where the transported material is located. Therefore, refrigerated transportation is at the forefront in health transportation.

Refrigerated transportation is the transportation of the material that requires temperature control with the necessary temperature control and vehicle equipment in order not to spoil the chemistry. Necessary precautions should be taken especially for materials that need protection and are at risk of breaking and scattering.

The place of logistics and transportation is important not only for medical materials but also for medical wastes. Medical wastes should be transported from hospitals by people who have been trained in supervision and control, and direct contact with materials and living things should be prevented and destroyed. Afterwards, care should be taken not to leave any residue by ensuring the cleanliness of the transport vehicle.

Health Transportation needs to be managed together with technology and necessary regulations. Medical supplies in warehouses should also have RFID labels. In urgent and important situations, RFID labels easily manage the sustainability of the process and supply by providing the identity of the material, inventory control and product tracking.

Time is saved by managing all the processes I mentioned with care and meticulousness and reducing the supply time with effective planning. Thus, a low-cost but accurate and safe service, which is one of the important components of logistics, will be provided.